T&A Footwear
T&A Footwear Quality Service & Support

T&A Footwear we offer a range of services including:

Proactive development to bring the latest well designed product

Focused market research to provide clients with the latest trend information

Well managed teams from design, sales, technical and merchandising to provide a responsive and supportive partner

Product Development and Account Management

We ensure our customers have a dedicated account manager who will establish clear working relationships that match the needs of our clients and become a valuable member or your team.

Committed from start to finish they are integral to the design and development of your product and oversee all aspects to ensure a successful launch.

Technical, Quality Control and Merchandising

T&A have an in house UK based team with high levels of skill and experience in the industry.

We also have dedicated quality control managers permanently employed in all our main sources, who have a rigorous approach to ensuring high standards of production.

Our experienced merchandising team in the UK and in China will provide customers with their full support throughout the critical path process.

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